Hi, I’m Aurora (she/her)! I am a Storyteller raised in Anchorage, AK, and based in Seattle & St. Louis. I am currently a directing major at Webster University, and I love to teach, write, and share intergenerational stories with new audiences.

Me, with my nose in Fornés’ FEFU AND HER FRIENDS

What is my artistic focus? I love new work, adaptations, and contemporary takes on classical text. My work puts an emphasis on what we inherit as we move forward in time. I’m interested in telling stories about the people who catch the pieces as the world falls apart.

What else do you do? Great question! When I am not hunkered down in the bowels of a theatre, I am under the streets of downtown Seattle, sharing the stories of the Seattle Underground as a tour guide. Though I love theatre, at my center, I am a collector of stories.

What am I super into right now? Fungus. Did you know that mycelium stretches for miles under the ground, connecting plants and trees in a giant web? That’s right, fungus teaches us that nothing grows alone.

Rehearsal photo from my most recent project, a devised piece called EPIC!