Aurora Behlke



Hi, I’m Aurora (she/her)! I am a Storyteller raised in Anchorage, AK, and based in Seattle & St. Louis.

Photo by Phillip Hamer Photography

What is my artistic focus? I call myself a history-based theatre-maker because my work focuses on preserving the cultural impact of events in our past. I’m most interested in the stories that will never make the history books: the dinner table, campfire, and bedside oral histories. I also love new work, adaptations, and contemporary takes on classical text.

What else do I do? Great question! When I am not hunkered down in the bowels of a theatre, I am under the streets of downtown Seattle, sharing the stories of the Seattle Underground as a tour guide. I also know a frightening amount about Nuclear history, thanks to my nuclear engineer Grandpa. Seattle & Nuclear Energy are my two historic specialties.

What am I super into right now? Trains. Okay, so I studied abroad in Vienna last semester and I can’t stop talking about it. I visited eleven countries while abroad, all thanks to the trains in Europe. There is nothing quite like watching the world flash by with a doughnut and hot cocoa in hand, knowing you’re only hours away from an exciting new destination.