Assistant Director / Movement Coordinator, Fall 2020

My main job on this project was devising movement with our ghost ensemble. We came up with some striking visual vignettes that we sprinkled throughout this digital production. Because this is a brand new musical, our ghostly physical dramaturgy (later called boo-ology) soon became a stable of this show!

After crafting the ghost movement for this spirit-filled show, a cast member made me this spooky diploma to recognize my certification in a movement practice we began to call “Boo-ology”. (Thanks, Alegra!)

Some exciting ghost moments:

Director: Caesar Samayoa

Assistant Director: Aurora Behlke ’23

Music Director: Nicolas Valdez

Assistant Music Director: John Tengowski

Book/Lyrics: Vanessa Claire Stewart

Music: Ryan Johnson

Additional Lyrics: Guy Picot/Trey Perkins

Editor​: Doug Finlayson


Anna Williams: Alegra Batara ’21

Pearl Conner: Evie Bennett ’22

Lizzie Sommers: Rebecca Hartman ’22

Geyer: Peyton Hooks ’21

Benjamin Pitezel: Copper Petermeier, ’23

Evelyn Stewart: Michaela Sasner ’22

Minnie Ruth: Savannah Smith ’21

H.H. Holmes: Phillip Solheim ’22

Julia Conner: Marisa Spahn ’22

Emeline Cigrand: Taylor Tveten ’21

Ensemble: Elizabeth Atkins ’22, Chloe Berek ’22, Sarah Dao ’22, Allyson Giard ’23, Courtney Ann Schmidt ’22, Nicolette Sigur ’23

Standbys: Chloe Berek ’22, Alex Rudd ’21


Scenic Designer: Fallon Podrazik ’22

Costume Designer: Javier Cervantes ’22

Hair and Makeup Designer: Lucy Garlich ’22

Lighting Designer: Jerran Kowalski ’21

Sound Designer: Thomas White ’22

Dramaturg: Victoria Williams ’21

Dramaturg: Meg Plunkett ’22

Stage Manager: Delaney Dunster ’22

Assistant Stage Managers: Mary Johnston ’22, Zoe Knutsen ’23, Alycia Martin ’21

Assistant Scenic Designer: Lily Tomasic ’24

Technical Director and Scenic Artist: Ash Puskarich ’21

Assistant Technical Director: Grant Vocks ’22

Master Carpenter: Isabelle Denstaedt ’21

Props Head: Maggie Nelson ’21

Props Carpenter: Jacob Noce ’21

Assistant Costume Designer: Sara Mae Preston ’22

Draper: Deidre Graham ’21

1st Hand: Dorathy Johnston ‘22

Crafts Head: Dustin Thomas ’23

Wardrobe Head: Isobel Pierce ’24

Assistant Lighting Designer: Halani Harber ’22

Master Electrician: Natalie Schulz ’22

Assistant Master Electrician: Greyson Norris ’23

Assistant Sound Designer: Sarah Holland ’23

Sound Engineer: Rex Hale ’24

Stitchers: Corissa Gavin ’24, Megan Gesse ’24, Zane Gregory ’24, Tiana Osborne ’24, Isobel Pierce ’24

Hair and Makeup Crew: Maggie Clark ’21, Ansley Juan ’21, Bekah Toone ’23

Prop Crew: Shay Brogley ’24, Mia Wilson ’24


Violin: Abbie Steiling

Cello: Jake Brookman

Drums: Keith Bowman

Piano: Nicolas Valdez

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