Devised by Aurora Behlke, Hannah Browning, Kyleigh Grimsbo, Gillian Guthrie, Mia Perritt, Courtnee Rouse, and Spencer Roe-Weaver.

CAUTION. CONTENTS MAY BE EPIC. DO NOT OPEN. When Some Woman opens a box she had no business touching, three extremely cool goddesses spring to life and take her on a journey through marriage, motherhood, torture, and pain.

Aurora’s Note: This show was an experiment in Adaptation. We started with The Illiad and a healthy dose of skepticism. How did we want this story to end? The longer we worked, the more we collected bits and pieces from the likes of Sappho and Shakespeare. What happens when the sacred texts of Homer and Britney Spears collide? Apparently, this show.

Premiered at Webster University in May, 2022

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