Founders, Keepers

Five 5th grade girls are chosen for a government-funded project to “rebuild their beloved country” after a nationwide crisis hits. Their task? Rewrite the Constitution of the United States. Friendships form and break as these young women grasp at what it means to grow up in a broken democracy.

This play will be making its WORD PREMIER and PROFESSIONAL DEBUT at two different theatres this year! So, where can you go to see Founders, Keepers in action?

Young Americans Theatre Co. July 8-10, Seattle, WA.

Echo Theatre September 16-October 9, Dallas, TX.

Trailer for the first ever staged reading of Founders, Keepers in spring 2021, with music by Cake.
Actors: Carmen Retzer, Giac Noelle, Maya Love, Bryn Smith, Emma McDonough, and Hannah Moorhead.

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